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Hair & Beauty Announcement

The Total Look!

We will be adding a truly talented Creative Hair Designer to help you look totally awesome.
More details to follow soon…

We are so pleased to welcome Roni (formerly from the Chapel) to Mirror Beauty, now known as Mirror Hair & Beauty!

Those of you that don’t know Roni……… she has earned her precision cutting to a 20 year career with Vidal Sassoon in Covent Garden.

Roni is known for being very honest and encouraging clients to re-invent themselves. Roni believes we all want to look fabulous but our lives get busier,

so who has the time to spend hours on their hair everyday?  thats why she creates a strong style from whats already naturally there – so if you have curls or waves she will encourage and improve that natural movement, creating a defined style  that’s suitable for your hair type and is bespoke to you!

So what are you waiting for?     why not pop in or call us on 01892 517444 for an appointment

See You Soon!!